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Miami, FL 33176

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At Bike Masters Miami we offer the best service in town. Whether it’s a tune up, flat repair or full blown overhaul you can trust Bike Masters Miami to do an expert job in a timely manner. Service is one of the best reasons to choose your bike shop carefully. Independent Bicycle Shops only sell high quality machines that can give decades of enjoyment if properly maintained.

Our mechanics also play a vital role in the quality of the finished product that you purchase. Our mechanics are the best in the business. They are year-round, full-time professionals who love bicyles; the pride they take in assembling and servicing your bike is a prime example of their love for the sport. A Bike Masters Miami built bike is the best assembled bike you can buy. All production bikes arrive 90% pre-assembled and are built by most shops in 30 minutes or less. We spend a minimum of two hours putting your bike together. Frame and fork alignments are checked first. Then, every bolt is removed and greased, cables and housing are cut to correct length, bottom bracket and headset are adjusted, and wheels trued.


Less servicing down the road, more time having fun riding your bike.

11606 N Kendall Drive
Miami, FL 33176
Miami, FL 330176

PHONE: 305-598-7877

Mon. - Frd.: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sat.: 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Sun.: Closed
 Tune Up
• Wheels removed from bike and precision true
• Major bearing system adjusted
• Rear derailleur hanger checked for alignment
• All cables lubed
• Brakes adjusted
• All components detail cleaned
Boxed Bike Build
• Assembly of bike that has seen previously build
• Test ride
Box a Bike
• Disassembly of bike
• Customer may supply a box or we can supply one
Standard Bike Build
• Regular build for entry level bikes in the box
Check Over
• Components adjusted and test ride
Bike Wash and Lub
• Complete bike detailed clean and lubed
• Change or install pedals
• Install babyseat
• Install cleats
• Install fenders
• Install hitch rack
• Install saddle

• Headset overhaul
• Headset adjustment
• Headset installation
• Steertube cut
• Road bar installation
• Flat bar installation
• Aero bar installation • Road bar wrap
• Cut flat bars
• Fork installation
• Change stem

• Brake adjusment
• Brake cable installnment
• Disc brake bleed
• Change levers

• Chain Installation
• Cassette/cog/freewheel installation
• Chainring installation
• Crank and BB installation
• BB installation
• Chase and face BB
• BB overhaul

• Installation HR monitor
• Installation rear computer
• Installation front computer

• Front derailleur adjustment
• Rear derailleur adjusment
• Derailleur cable installation
• Rear derailleur and hanger adjustment • Front derailleur installation
• Rear derailleur installation
• Derailleur hanger alignment

• Flat repair
• Flat repair w/ liner
• Tubeless tire installed w/ sealant
• Wheel truing
• Spoke installation
• Wheel build
• Glue on tire
• Hub overhaul

11606 N Kendall Drive Miami, FL 33176
PHONE: 305-598-7877